Why Collaboration?

In happier times, no one predicts that the perfect union of their own marriage and their ideal family will ever unravel.  Unfortunately, separation and divorce are more likely than any couple can admit.  For generations, the court system and contested litigation have been the mechanisms to “undo” a divided home:  until now.

collaborative-law-CantoneBeginning in the Midwest in the early 1990s and entering the Central New York community in 2003, the out-of-court process of Collaborative Practice has become widespread and successful for spouses intending to end their marriages.  Based on the reality that judicial proceedings are ill-equipped to provide truly fair, holistic, prompt, and private outcomes for couples, Collaborative Law principles require spouses and their collaboratively-trained attorneys to commit in writing to settling the issues of the marriage outside of court.  By meeting face-to-face with the assistance of skilled, specialized allied professionals, Collaborative Divorce is accomplished with respect, cooperation, and dignity.  And collaboration isn’t limited to just divorce:  relocation cases, pre-nuptial negotiations, and post-settlement parenting matters are all resolvable with a hard-working collaborative team, too.

Attorney Dan Cantone is a Collaborative Lawyer persistent in helping his clients find and implement the most constructive and long-lasting choices for their families.  Access this informative E-Brochure to learn more about collaboration.