Another Option to Avoid Litigation . . .


With family conflict, there really is no “one size fits all” pathway to achieving common ground and sensible results.  Many clients experiencing marital or family issues prefer the process of mediation:  working with one joint, neutral facilitator and settlement advocate instead of with adversarial litigators and judges.

In addition to being a Collaborative Attorney, Dan Cantone is trained and experienced as a Divorce Mediator and acts as an impartial conflict resolution specialist for many couples.

mediate-west-logoKnown as MEDIATE  WEST, the Camillus office allows for private and expeditious settlement assistance and document drafting entirely out of court.

Both parties must obtain separate legal, tax, mental health, and other ancillary advice when undergoing the mediation process.

Mediation is oftentimes a sensible option for spouses or partners who have low to modest  levels of conflict, have resolved some issues themselves, are confident in working privately with just one professional, and desire a cost-effective alternative to adversarial negotiation or contested litigation.  MEDIATE  WEST is ideal for high-income couples seeking privacy and efficiency in their family law cases; for middle-class clients who have tried other options; and for one-income families, too, where professional settlement costs are challenging within modest budgets.  Key features of working with Dan and his staff in mediation include:

  • Careful and thorough drafting of separation and divorce settlements
  • Empathic and insightful family-centered emphasis
  • Absolute commitment to self-determination empowerment for clients
  • Referral to independent counsel for legal advice
  • Attentiveness to post-divorce conflict resolution
  • E-mediation meeting capability for long-distance settlement facilitation