Our Clients Say . . .


“My husband and I met with Dan for separation mediation     . . .     Our experience met and exceeded my expectations.  We were concerned that some issues might be unresolvable, but those issues were dispatched effectively and efficiently to our mutual satisfaction.  He took control of the mediation process, allowed us time to air our thoughts, and provide legal feedback so we could create our own results.  In the end, I feel highly satisfied with the outcome, and I think we both feel treated fairly, professionally, and in a non-biased manner.”

    K.S., Small business owner

“During a very sad time, Dan Cantone provided excellent guidance that resulted in an amicable and equitable agreement that facilitated an expeditious divorce.  He handled the meetings with compassion, knowledge, and objectivity.   I am so glad we found Dan, and took advantage of his skills.”

    Retired Professional

“Dan’s office is really unlike any other law firm I’ve ever worked with.  His staff is very helpful and I am always comforted when getting his advice.  I never feel like my time is wasted when contacting my lawyer.”

    Union Rep., Syracuse

“Where was Collaborative Law during my first divorce?  Wow, what a HUGE difference.  I didn’t really get everything I wanted, but compromising here and there is way better than the torture of doing this in court.”

    S.M., Seneca Falls

“We couldn’t afford two lawyers, so we picked Dan as our mediator.  In three meetings we were able to resolve everything.  Our house.  Our kids.  Our retirement plans.  The Agreement [Dan] prepared was exactly what we wanted.  His office is friendly and helpful.  This was a good choice for us.”

    H & W, Marcellus

“I’ve never been happy with lawyers.  I remember my parents complained about [their attorney] all the time and that kind of just stayed with me throughout the years.  But then I was referred to Dan Cantone’s firm by a colleague who was recently divorced through the collaborative law process.  While there was certainly a lot of pain and tears and uncertainty, [my spouse] and I ended our settlement by actually going out to dinner with each other and planning for holiday-time with our kids.  Everything was handled honestly and at a pretty good pace for what I believe was a fair price.  What more can a person ask from his divorce lawyer?  Thanks, Dan for keeping us focused on our future and not being a lawyer like my parents had.”

    Physician, Syracuse

“Our divorce started with about 6 months of fighting in and out of court. I was referred to Dan by a friend who went through [collaboration] a few years ago. What a change! The lawyers actually helped us SOLVE our problems instead of making more by trying just to win, win, win all the time.  Anyone with children really owes it to them to use this process. Thanks to Dan and ‘the team‘ for opening our eyes and getting some control over decisions for our family.”

    Jason, Skaneateles

“I was so worried about being able to survive by being on my own with the kids. I was overwhelmed by our financial problems. I’m so glad I followed Dan’s advice to use the Collaborative Law process. ”

    Substitute Teacher, DeWitt

“We knew we couldn’t afford going to court. The best part of doing it the collaborative way was [how] our lawyers seemed to get along well. I don’t want to ever have to get divorced again, but this is without a doubt the best way I can imagine to work things out.”

    Maggie, Camillus

“When I thought of getting divorced, everything seemed bad.  Going through it with Dan and [the other Collaborative attorney] was not what I expected.  I would recommend Dan’s office to anybody whose marriage is over.  Right after our Agreement was signed I was really happy with his services for my Will and sale of my house, too.”

    Beth, Cicero